Simplify! (In English)

The digital revolution is supposed to have made our lives better and easier. But somewhere along the road it went wrong. Instead, people today feel irritated with modern technology and frustrated with menus, settings, multitude of choices, small buttons and incomprehensible manuals.

People all over the world demand freedom from hassle. As products and services gets more advanced, the need for ease of use increases.

The book ”Förenkla!”, which means ”Simplify!”, reveals how organisations and companies can make life easier and thereby gain competetive advantage, as Apple, Google and a number of other sucessful companies have done.

The book presents seven principles. These show how to simplify for your customer, internally in your organisation and in your own working day. By following these principles, you will be able put complexity on the run and create internal and external simplicity.

It also lays out new academic research about the importance of simplicity and presents several case studies from companies that have implemented simplicity successfully.

Philips’ chief marketing officer Andrea Ragnetti, Nokia Design’s chief of strategy and portfolio Kurt Walecki, Sweden’s deputy prime minister and ministry of enterprise Maud Olofsson, Ryanair’s president Michael O’Leary, architect Eero Koivisto and several others explain the meaning of simplicity in modern business.

Johan Nylander, author of the book, is a former reporter at Sweden’s business daily Dagens Industri. His latest assignment was as the foreign correspondent in the UK.

Johan has previously worked as an editor and freelance journalist for several newspapers and magazines; mostly within business but also with culture, travel and politics.


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